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Fall of 2015 saw my permanent move to Southern Arizona.


I was a snowbird for many years, but the time arrived to make a major decision. This meant living full time in either Montana or Arizona. Even though I chose Arizona I will always be a Montanan at heart.

A trip to Montana during my sixteenth summer was the beginning of a love affair with the state I have never lost. Its reflected in my education; MSU, Bozeman; U of M. Missoula; my marriage to a Montanan and my subsequent careers. Montana is also home to my family; three married children, twin great-granddaughters and two of my four grandchildren.



I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Chicago, Illinois. An early adventure with my father introduced me to Montana, but my years at Montana State University and the University of Montana prepared me for life in the west and careers in marriage, motherhood, ranching, art and writing. 

I married a Montana rancher, mothered three children and became an active member of a rural ranching community. Ed and I not only lived in the community, we raised registered cattle and horses, made numerous trips into the back country and wilderness, hunted, fished, hiked, skied and lived through many of the adventures I have used to bring excitement to my stories. 

When I retired from teaching, the desire to chronicle the lives of rural people in their struggle to meet the needs of the 90s and prepare for the 21st century led me to write my first novel, Color Me Red. I had published numerous professional articles in a variety of magazines; as well as producing works for a number of one-man visual arts shows. The success of these undertakings gave me confidence to tackle yet another career, this time in writing.

My stories are universal in their appeal. I like to remember the calls and letters from readers all over the country asking if I was writing about their town. The rural life has a reputation for simplicity and beauty; attributes which attract new residents from the population centers of the world. A whole new set of problems are born. It is my goal to document various aspects of these problems as they are recognized and solved in the worlds of my fictitious characters.

My career as an art teacher; my life as a cattle rancher in Western Montana; and my close association with small-town living has prepared me to write about the lives and frustrations of the characters peopling my novels. Those personalities you learned to love and to hate in Color Me Red have returned to the pages of Shroud Across the Valley to take you on another mystery adventure in the contemporary west.  Cut-Away Pass places you on the back of a horse in the beautiful, majestic and sometimes scary Anaconda Wilderness. Always There Is the Mountain changes the mood to let you feel the poignant love of a young rancher and his city-bred wife as they attempt to build a life in the contemporary, beautiful and sometimes unforgiving west.

As you look through the pages of this beautiful website created by my friend in Billings I trust you will enjoy the look through the books, the paintings and the gemstone jewelry creations. If you are so inclined to own one of these products of my imagination I would trust it would give you the same satisfaction that I received from its creation.

My best to you, my viewers.


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